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The Way to Pack a Healthy Lunch



I’ve heard the same excuse a thousand times, “it’s too difficult to pack a healthy lunch” or “I don’t have time.”  Well I’m here to tell you that packing food for your day at the office can take less than 5 minutes.  All it takes is a commitment to buying the right ingredients and 5 minutes either in the morning or the night before and you’re off to the races! ( < Pardon my Kentucky Derby pun.  I get one week to go wild.)



Here’s my typical work-day food – making sure I’m chugging water across the day and eating every 2(-ish) hours:

Breakfast – 3 Ingredient Oatmeal & a cup of green tea

Snack – Granola Bar or Small Protein Shake

Lunch – Massive salad made with roman lettuce, cherry tomatoes, 6 croutons (the serving size, ugh), and blackberries, a Carbmaster yogurt, & a Nature Valley Breakfast Biscuit

Snack – Ester-C & maybe 100-calorie popcorn

Make sure that you have enough calories through the day, whether that’s across the traditional two meals during the work day, or if you choose to spread it out more like I do.

Notice that the most important piece of this is having the right storage containers.  Invest in some great tupperware (I’m a fan of Rubbermaid) so that your dips and salads stay fresh.  While you’re in the store, it’s almost going to feel expensive, but I guarantee that you’ll use them time and time again.  It’ll be worth it.


What’s your typical work day food?  Do you have a favorite food that you eat everyday?

Create a great life!

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