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Rag & Bone Booties


Today was a YogaTone class, focused on triceps and biceps.  I’m still a little sore from a recent Barre class, so my calves and quads need at least one more day of off time.  Though I can guarantee that my arms will be feeling this one tomorrow!


Just last week, I got in a pair of stunning Rag & Bone Classic Newbury Booties in Metal Taupe that I ordered from Neimen Marcus.  Opening the box was even more exciting than the original moment that I saw them in the store!  This is true love.

2015_2 24 (1) I know I’m at least a good three years behind, but this is my first pair of booties.  Every time I’ve tried them on in the past, they were a height that perfectly cut me off.  At the tender height of 5’3”, the last thing I need is to look shorter, which meant I was even more excited when the leather reached to a good, structured point right above my ankle.  Go Rag & Bone team!

Due to the fact that I’m so far behind on these, I’ve been on a mad search for style inspiration so that I can find a reason to wear them right away!

misspouty-blog-scallop-hem-dress-sequin-pouch-clutch-balenciaga-hermes-bracelet-karen-walker-sunglasses-suede-ankle-boots-street-style-fashion-blogger-23 olivia-palermo-style-21022011-2 sienna-miller-street-style-booties streetstyle5102

I love the diversity of the above looks.  From the two street style pictures on the far sides highlighting completely different seasons, to Kate and Olivia rockin different types of layering (I typically favor Olivia’s chunky layers), I’m off to a good start!


Have you ever owned a pair of booties?  Where do you typically find your style inspiration?

Create a great life!

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