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Weekend Update: Hiking Through the Unknown

If you’ve been reading for the past few weeks, you know that Ray and I have been on a huge hiking kick lately.  We’ve done three hikes now in Boulder and one in Evergreen, but we decided to travel this week to check out a longer hike as we train for a “fourteener” (climbing to 14,000 ft.)  Though we were (or at least I was) unprepared for what we were about to undertake.

While we would have been able to hike the full almost 6 miles round trip with the supplies we had available, I was completely unprepared for the several feet of snow still piled up across almost the entire trail. But, since I’m not one to step back from a challenge easily, off I trekked in my non-waterproof Innov8 gym shoes across rivers and massive snow piles, just crossing my fingers that we were following some form of path.

6 15 15_8

I found this hike to be a completely different challenge than any other we had followed since moving out to Denver.  Yes, it was physically challenging and definitely tested muscles I was not used to regularly using, but what was most challenging was having no idea as to whether we were following the path or not – in fact, I guarantee we were not.  All we had available were a spattering of footsteps in the snow and a river to follow to get to the lake we were trying to find.

6 15 15_5 The river we were following, it coulda been worse 🙂

While we weren’t able to make it to Blue Lake, where we were planning to go, we made it about half way to a lake called Lake Mitchell before deciding it was too dangerous to continue (we couldn’t tell where the edge of the river started under the snow, and I was not about to swim out of the rapids!)  While it was not at all where we were intending to go, it was absolutely stunning!

6 15 15_4

6 15 15_7

6 15 15_6

While I usually like to have complete control in situations and know exactly what the next step is on my path, this experience taught me that sometimes it’s okay to just go with the flow and see where it takes you.  This is kind of where I am right now in several areas of my life.  Am I in the right job?  Should I expect blogging to go anywhere more sustainable?  Should we be living in the city or move to the suburbs?

Sometimes, all you need to do is follow your heart and see where it goes.


What was the highlight of your weekend?  Can’t wait to hear about your good times in the comment section below!

Create a great life!

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