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Welcoming Guests to Our Guest Suite


While I LOVE my strength training workouts, I knew that it was time to incorporate deeper cardio than I’ve touched in a while.  Especially with Ray and I deciding to go skiing this weekend.  Eek!

This treadmill workout comes from Strive Strong, a tumblr blog with some great motivational pics and workouts.

Fat Blasting Treadmill Workout

And, of course, I pulled out the squat challenge.  10 each today of narrow squat, narrow squat with back kick, basic squat, basic squat with side leg lift, sumo squat.


I mentioned before that I’d give you a little tour of our new guest suite.  So far, with our guests, certain aspects have been VERY well received.

guest room 1

Based off of a Pinterest post that I saw, I decided to use a vase to hold small toiletries for our guests to use.  I’ve gotten a complement from everyone that has come over abut this idea.  And so far it’s been useful – everyone forgets a shampoo or face wash when they’re travelling!

guest room 2

I always feel that a relaxing scent makes a new room feel right at home.  We decided to use the Nest Moroccan Amber Reed Diffuser for it’s relaxing, lush scent.  I then incorporated a candle holder made from an Aspen tree with dried petals to bring in a little Colorado flavor.

guest room 3

This is one of our side tables in the bed room and it brings in pieces important to both Ray and I that we love to share.  It includes: a sign that was a gift from my sister-in-law; a coffee table book by Mary-Kate and Ashley & one about Aubrey Hepburn, some of my idols; and a book about Nascar from Ray.  I truthfully think that the slightly random mixture of elements is one of the aspects that’s been loved by so many.

How do you help guests feel right at home?  What tips do you have to make a warm, inviting guest suite?


We have a HUGE discount coming on the blog tomorrow.  It may or may not be related to the below picture. 😉

Lisa necklace

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