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BirthWeek Festivities


I worked from home today, so I was able to attend HotVinFusion.

It’s almost awkward how sore I am from skiing.  Walking funny and not being able to move at a quick tick.  Hot flow was much needed!


2015_2 23 (3)Birthweek is a real thing.  Trust me on this.  I’m willing to share it with other folks that have similar birthdays, but I even celebrate Mondays.  Why wouldn’t I choose to celebrate my birthday for a week?!

Ray was a star with planning my celebration this weekend.  He got me an unreal, perfect spot to stay overnight in Breckenridge.   It was a block away from Main Street and literally right across the street from the ski hill!

Unfortunately, Ray wasn’t able to be there the whole time, so I invited a couple of people I recently met to celebrate with me on Saturday before he could make the trek.  I had met each of them once, but we had SO much fun!  Being out here in Denver where I didn’t have many close friends has made me a lot more comfortable reaching out and hanging out with people that are acquaintances.  That’s the only way that we can make friends, isn’t it!

2015_2 23 (2)

That, and they shared my proclivity for Bacon Bloody Marys.  I think we’re going to be good buds.


How do you make new friends?  Do you have a favorite way to celebrate your birthday?

Create a great life!

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