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Valentine’s Day


I had some car issues today, so I’m doing a quick, light, weights-oriented workout at home.  I’ll be doing this video three times through.

Suzanne Bowen’s Arms & Shoulders Workout


Ray and I have been dating just shy of two years, and our favorite tradition started just over a year ago.  We each pick a team for the Super Bowl – whoever loses plans and pays for Valentine’s Day.  Last year, Ray lost and planned a great dinner in downtown Chicago.  This year, I – thanks to the Seahawks – got the honor of planning our romantic festivities.

Because we’re still exploring our new city, we decided to embrace the culture a bit and planned a self-made brewery tour!

2015_2 17 (5)Since I lost this time around, Ray surprised me on Valentine’s Day morning with the gorgeous flowers shown in my post yesterday and a home-made breakfast!  Eggs, toast, and (my favorite) veggies!  Yummin!  

2015_2 17 (6)

I planned the different breweries by popping on Yelp and finding seven that fit into a semi-circle to begin and end near the same area.  Ray and I have a semi-odd obsession with koozies (they filled an entire drawer in our old kitchen, now they take up much of a shelf in our bar area), so I made some home-made koozies with construction paper, staplers, and old snap-koozies.

2015_2 17 (7)

Ray and I had an amazing time checking out some new areas of the city!  We made some new friends – two girls that I even invited to my upcoming birthday party –, we loved trying to become beer-snobs, and we (almost) made it to all of the breweries!

I hope that you guys had a fantastic Valentine’s Day, too!


How did you celebrate Valentine’s Day?  How do you explore new areas of your home-town?

Create a great life!

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