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New Experiences… Starting with Weather

As you guys know, this is the first year that Ray and I are living in Denver – and that in itself has come with many new learning experiences.  For example, I’m madly in love with the fact that there’s an entire radio station focused on old school hip-hop.  I love that I can go hiking, skiing, and play a round of golf all within the same day.

However, one thing that I’m still trying to work out is how to deal with this crazy weather!  It’s absolutely gorgeous across the majority of the day, and the next thing you know – it’s hailing?!



I haven’t had to deal with hail since I was a wee babe and had to run in from recess in elementary school.  I have no idea how to dress for this, but it’s amazing to me that nobody bats an eye.  Everyone just keeps driving or walking like it’s the most average thing in the world.  My people, this is GOLFBALL-SIZED HAIL… this should not be incredibly average.

But, one of the best weather events to me, which happens on a fairly regular basis, is the complete double rainbow.  While you can’t see it well in the photo below, I can’t remember ever seeing a complete rainbow prior to moving here.  But now, all Spring, I feel like I’ve had amazing opportunities where I can realistically go searching for a pot of gold!


It’s amazing to me that after over a quarter of a decade, there are so many opportunities to have new experiences.  Everything seems to become routine after a while, but I urge you to always go back to that moment when an experience was new.  Having a child-like mind will always lead you to be curious and to learn new knowledge and insight.  The world becomes smaller when your knowledge base becomes larger.  Challenge yourself to grow!


What are some new experiences that have popped into your everyday?  Have you learned anything new that can broaden our worlds?

Create a great life!

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