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What (Dancers) I’m Loving this Week


For some reason, I slept terribly last night.  While I’ve felt okay most of the day, my body has felt incredibly lethargic. While going to the gym was one of the last things I wanted to do, I forced in a short, 20-minute Stairmaster workout.

2015_2 18 (1) 2015_2 18 (2) WHAT I’M LOVING THIS WEEK

I’ve really been missing dancing this week.  I started dancing from the time I was three, all through college.  There was an amazing studio in Cincinnati that I fell in love with (if you’re in Cincy, check out Rhythm & Motion at Cincinnati Ballet), but I’ve struggled to find a class that I’ve been passionate about since that time.

There is so much to be in love with when it comes to dancing.  It allows you to step outside of yourself and let loose.  Truthfully, I feel like it’s a more cardio-based version of meditation.  Don’t believe me?  Then try not shimmying along with “Shake it Off.”  Bet ya’ can’t!

Without further ado, here are five of my favorite dancers today:

1) Misty Copeland – The chick is pure muscle.  That, and her grace and skill are unreal.  Watch he link below to be amazed.

Misty-Copeland-WorkoutMisty Copeland Under Armor Commercial

2) Polina Semionova – I don’t know how Russian ballerinas train differently than we do, but my gah.  Polina has the amazing ability to make everything that I know is incredibly difficult, look incredibly simple.PoliPolina Seminova Solo

3) Sergei Polunin – The stunning Ukrainian all-star has been everywhere lately due to his stunning solo to Hozier’s “Take Me to Church.”  (To be fair, I think the unreal film work by Dave LaChapelle has been under-rated, but that’s another story for another day.)  Sergei now dances in Russia (even though the articles keep calling him a “British Royal Ballet vet”), but his family has gone through incredible struggles to allow him the ability to train.  If you dive into his story, it gives this solo an even deeper dynamic.  I dare you!


Sergei Polunin "Take Me to Church"

4) Lizzy Wicks – This little Australian blondie has been on my radar for a few years now.  I actually took a class from her while she was touring the US.  While I thought I could handle it, it seems I’m not a hip-hop prodigy waiting to happen.  Luckily, Lizzy is!


Lizzy Wicks 2012

5) Taylor Swift & Jimmy Fallon – Because Jimmy Fallon an do no wrong and because who doesn’t love a dance cam?


Jimmy & Taylor Dance Cam


Is there a sport or activity that you miss from your childhood?  How do you re-create that in your adult life?

Create a great life!

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