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#tbt: Sometimes you just need a friend

Yep, today’s #tbt post is happening on Friday.  Keeping y’all on your toes!


Today’s workout comes from Sweat on State.  As most of you know, this is one of my favorite studios in Chicago, as they vary the workouts every day and really push you to finish with an empty tank. I also walk out feeling stronger and massively sweatier, but I’m always glad I showed up!

Workout: “Tabata” …-ish

5 rounds; 1 min on, 30 sec off

Max row
Push press
Box jump
Push ups

When you finish the first max row, move to push press, then box jumps, etc.  Continue for 5 rounds.

Full workout with warm up and cool down was close to an hour.


My meal to highlight today is Jamba Juice’s oatmeal.  If you can’t tell, I’m typically a pretty big fan of Jamba Juice’s products.  They’re typically pretty healthy and tasty, and there’s a location right when I get off the el near my office.

Jamba oatmeal

This was my first time trying their oatmeal and it was actually pretty good! You get two toppings, so I requested the brown sugar and the blackberry/blueberry combo.  I was hoping that the blackberry/blueberry combo would be dried fruit, but it ended up being more of a sauce type thing.  While it tasted great, it added a bit too much sugar.  I’d recommend getting the fresh banana instead, if you’re looking for a full, healthy breakfast.



This picture was from a wedding from Summer 2013 in Erie, PA, featuring one of my best friends, Ashley.  Ash and I met when I was 7 years old, going to ice-skating camps at Miami University.  We were dorm suite-mates and were long-distance best friends until we finally went to college together.

Ash will be coming to town today for a nearby wedding that her boyfriend is in – & I get to steal her away for a drink while he’s at the rehearsal tonight.  Especially with all of the stress of my pending move, I cannot wait to have a couple of hours relaxing, laughing, and catching up with my best friend.


Do you have friends that can just brighten your day?  How do you keep in touch across miles?

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