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I frankly have no idea where this workout came from originally.  I found it on Pinterest and it looks like it was posted on a website called  However, if anyone knows who this is, please let me know.  She is adorable and I want to be her friend due to the fact that she’s actually smiling at the end of this workout.  #Positivity

5-to-50 ab workout15-to-50 ab workout25-to-50 ab workout35-to-50 ab workout45-to-50 ab workout5

Total with warm up and cool down was ~40 minutes.


Oh. my. goodness.  This week has obviously been chaotic.  Ray called me out on the fact that I’ve been super stressed and out of my element.  I knew it was bad when he said, “you haven’t blogged in a while; what’s up?”  Touché, oh wise one.  So here it goes…

This week I’m:

– Working my booty off, because my company figured out that it was my last week of work and we’re working through millions of transitions.
– Test driving cars.  I don’t think my little convertible is going to handle the CO mountains too well come ski season.
– HR related stuff for my upcoming gig.  Drug tests, background checks galore.
– Housing stuff for both my current and new place.
– Packing.  One word.  So many hours.

Yet I’ve recognized that my mentality towards all of this has been exactly as it sounds.  Negative and ungrateful.

I need to change my mindset.

So, starting now, I will listen to Mastin Kipp who says, “Changing your thoughts cannot change your actions.  You must change your actions to change your thoughts.”  The action I will take differently will be thanking Him and the Universe for all the possibilities and gifts that I have been given.  Even if I have a lot to take care of, it is not all on me.

Starting now – thank you world for this beyond stunning Fall day.  Even if I have a lot of work to do, I can’t imagine more beautiful scenery to be looking at out the window.


Fall on the lake. There is nothing better.


When you feel stressed or over-scheduled, how do you change your mindset? 



So what if they lost to the Packers... I still love 'em!

So what if they lost to the Packers… I still love ’em!

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