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I pulled this older workout from Pop Sugar and made some adjustments based on my strengths and abilities.

Power Gym WorkoutChanges I made include:

  • Added a 5-min cardio warm-up on the front end to warm up my body in this freezing cold what feels like Chicago winter
  • Split up any dead lift to overhead presses into two, separate moves, because I can use a much heavier weight for my dead lifts
  • Created two rounds of lunges (front and reverse) instead of walking
  • Added stretching on the end

Time: With these adjustments, the workout was still a consistent 45 minutes


Last night’s dinner: My mom came over and I gave myself a break with some Dominos.


No, it’s not healthy, but the catch up time I had with my mom definitely was.  That, and if you haven’t tried Dominos new-ish hand tossed crust, I actually feel kinda bad for you.  Might want to change that right quick!

Breakfast: I’m getting back on a fresh track with a breakfast made by Ray while we watch the Liverpool game.

fresh breakfast

Fresh eggs with some toast and a wee bit of butter.  If you’re in Chicago, I recommend running to Green City Market right now to pick up that butter.  It’s Rordic Farms Pepper Butter.  It’s just as good as it sounds.


We’re moving in less than a week and we’re finally going to take a day to start packing.  Every time I’ve packed in the past, I’ve been by myself with an ability to cave to my OCD tendencies.  This will be my first time packing with Ray, and he’s bringing in his mom today.  Please wish us luck and pass us any packing tips you’ve got for our first cross country move!


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