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Tank Top Arm Circuit

I recently realized that I’ve somewhat left the original intention of this space.  Yes, it’s my diary, but most of you guys came by way of wanting to follow along in my fitness and health journey, and to collect some great workouts that you can complete at home.

And in that vein, because it’s still in the lower 90s here in beautiful Colorado, check out my tank top arm circuit below.  I’d recommend using 5-10 lb weights, but no matter what you use, make sure that you’re fatiguing your muscles.  This training is what leads to muscle growth.

Tank Top Arm Workout

A quick reminder that I am not a trained PT or doctor.  Always speak with your doctor before beginning any form of fitness plan.


Have you been committed to your workouts lately, even though your accountability partner (me) hasn’t been great about checking in on you?  How are you enjoying these last days of Summer, while also focusing on fitness and overall well-being?

Create a great life!

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