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Wedding Wednesday: We picked our wedding planner!

]Regular SSTers will know that picking a wedding planner was one of our first orders of business.  Asking the serious questions led Raymond and I to decide that we actually didn’t want a full service wedding planner as we originally planned.  We’re, surprisingly, enjoying getting involved in the details and want to get deeply involved in making the decisions.  But, that being said, we know that we need guidance from the experts to make this event everything we’re dreaming of and more.

And with that said, we’ve selected a wedding planner to help us select our vendors and provide month-of guidance.  Our pick is, drum roll please… Kelly Karli Weddings & Events to be our yogi (wedding) masters throughout this process.  Hooray!




We picked Kelly Karli and her unreal lead planner Taylor for multiple reasons.  Most notably:

  • Taylor went out of her way to actually provide us with the tour of Cordillera before we even signed with them.  Showing us that they truly cared about us right off the bat.
  • They are incredibly familiar with the Vail Wedding Deck & Four Seasons Vail.  In fact, we ran into their team while we were on the tour of the Four Seasons, as they were the planners for the wedding we spotted in the ballroom.
  • Taylor was incredibly organized, with calling and promptly attending appointments, and bullet point on all emails.  I love me some bullet points.
  • Ultimately, the biggest factor in making our decision was that Taylor is basically me if I was a wedding planner and mother of an adorable daughter.  We have incredibly similar personalities, and we’re both little blondes.  Since we’re going to be spending a lot of time together, finding someone that we got along with has been paramount in making this decision.


What are the first pieces you consider when starting to plan an event?  Do you like to get involved in the details, or would you prefer to pass those off?

Create a great life!

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