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Summer Home Dreaming

I recently spotted a Vogue slideshow of tastemaker’s Summer Homes around the globe and started falling in love.  The homes of these authors, designers, and general people of fantastic taste are each unique and classic, without feeling too “over the top.”

While these individuals have budgets much higher than my own, I started to think… what can I learn from these homes that I can incorporate into my own space?  Below are some of my favorite take-aways.  All images from Vogue.

Clean lines sometimes make the best statements

Don’t feel too pressured to make a home feel creative.  Having clean lines and simple, useful pieces is sometimes all you need to make an impact.  (It also doesn’t hurt to have a stunning view.)


Consuelo & Gianni Castiglioni

When it comes to plants, if well-organized, you can never have enough

Incorporate plants into your space to make it feel more lived-in and natural.  Incorporate plants into yard spaces to prevent make the space look larger.


Oscar and Annette de la Renta

Use or display family heirlooms

What makes your story unique?  Don’t hide family heirlooms away!  Instead, display them proudly to appreciate their beauty and tell guests more about your history.


Janet De Botton

When in doubt, a cute child always wins

Okay.  To be fair, this place is amazing.  It has been passed down through five generations of women and that child is adorable.  You win, Marina.


Marina Rust


What design tips have you learned from aspirational homes that you can incorporate into your own space?

Create a great life!

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