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New Product Trial: Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask

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The things I do for you guys. 🙂  Ha! Just kidding, we all know I love it!

Friday, I tried out a new foaming face mask.  This Bliss foaming face mask had a completely different texture than I’m used to, but it definitely was energizing.  I struggled with this product a bit, due to the fact that I’m used to products with a thicker, more structured make up.  This mask is put on with your face slightly damp, which leads to it dripping a bit rather than staying in place.

In terms of timing, this mask acts fairly quickly.  Give it a quick five minutes to fully foam, look yourself in the mirror because you’ll look like Santa, and rinse off with cool water.  What’s interesting is that you can actually feel your cells tingling while it’s starting to foam!  Once I washed this off, my skin instantly looked and felt more awake.  I tossed on a little face lotion and was off to the races!

Overall, I’d give this product a try if you feel like your skin is lacking a bit of luster. (If you have normal skin, then I’d stick with a green mask to moisturize.)  This definitely works for its intended purposes of energizing your skin and oxygenating your facial features.

Please note that this is not a sponsored post.  I received this product sample from Birchbox and wanted to spread the good word!


Do you have a favorite mask product that you like to use regularly?  What new products have you tried recently that you’d recommend?

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