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Workiversary Desk Inspiration

Just like everyone, my motivation for essentially everything tends to ebb and flow.  Because today is my Workiversary (my 1 year anniversary of starting my current job), I’ve decided that it’s time to spice up my desk to keep my work space exciting and creative.  While Dasha over at Windy City Wardrobe already gave me some great ideas, I decided to take her ideas and personalize them with a bit more detail for what’s going to work in my current desk space.  After stalking around Pinterest for some serious desk inspo, here are the lessons I’m taking with me as I plan my re-decoration tactics.

Pick a Color Scheme and Stick to It

Whether it’s purple and grey, black and white, or neon green and hot pink, stay consistent.  While I’m all for wild coloring in almost every area of life, the consistency allows your eye to focus on the work at hand.  This will also help you to narrow down your purchases as you ultimately plan the end result of your hard re-designing work.


Provide a Wide Variety of Storage Options & Use Them

I have to admit something, y’all.  I’m a paper-keeper-person.  You heard me right – I keep receipts until my expense reports are processed, I manage my vacation on a paper calendar, and I still have my training notes from my first week of work a year ago.  But I’m proud to say that you wouldn’t know it by looking at my desk.  I have a huge variety of storage options available surrounding my primary work space and I use them regularly.  I organize my drawers at least once per month to make sure that I understand what I’m storing in what compartments and that the docs are current.  This not only helps to keep me organized, but also realistic about what I do and do not need.


Keep Your Everyday Items Immediately Accessible

The products I use everyday (other than my computer) include pens & pencils – I’m currently on a pencil kick –, my paper planner, a side notepad, my cell phone, and a coaster for my water and/or hot tea.  Each of these pieces have their place to sit on my desk and they’re in their relevant locations the second I walk in the door.  Having these pieces within an arm’s reach makes my day run that much more smoothly.

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Include at Least One Personal Item and at Least One Cozy Item (personal preference)

While my desk is a place of purely business, I also want it to feel a bit like home.  We spend so much time at our desks, that it’s only right that we have pieces that make us smile. I keep a picture of my nieces and nephews next to me and a blanket at the ready.  Having these items nearby reminds me to take a breather and always remember what’s most important (hint: that email can probably wait.)



What are your favorite details of your desk?  What tips and tricks do you try to remember as you’re planning to style your work space?

Create a great life!

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