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Valentines Day Decorations & a Girls Night in Denver

Decorating Our Home for Valentines Day

I’ve never been a hopeless romantic.  Typically, I start laughing uncontrollably in awkward situations, such as staring into each other’s eyes, and have recently much preferred a night in watching Modern Family or New Girl than a life full of 5-star meals.  (A 5-star every once in awhile would do.) But, that being said, February is my birth-month and Valentines was my typical birthday party theme for many years.  A decade or so later, while I don’t go all out like I might for Christmas, I do dabble in minimal decorations to make our home festive for the season. Here are some of my favorite little tid-bits from around our home.

IMG_4016 If I could put Baby’s Breadth everywhere in our home, I would.  I find this flower feminine, light, and airy; a beautiful space filler that brightens every room and lasts a fairly long time.  And at $2.99 a bunch, I think that this affordable flower is the way to go!  While I still won’t go with every room, we do have bunches everywhere that is regularly lived in.  (Also, you’ll be seeing many of this gorgeous flower when we talk flowers for the wedding. *hint hint*)

IMG_4021 In January, about four years ago, my mother and I took a mother / daughter trip to Canyon Ranch in Arizona.  She snuck in a few pictures, and the next month she surprised me with some Valentines Day decorations that I still use to this day.  She took a simple ribbon, clothes pinned foam hearts to it, and fashioned pictures she took on our trip to those hearts with double stick tape and glue.  (Also pictured in the title shot above.)

The pictures on this ribbon primarily surround mindfulness, spirituality, and peace.  I love that this not only goes with the Valentines theme, but it brings me joy by looking at it each day.  We should surround ourselves with things that bring us happiness, and this is a decoration that brings a peaceful smile to my face just by looking at it.  And it’s the first thing I see when I come home from the 9-to-5.  So sometimes, that peaceful smile is just what I need.

IMG_4022   IMG_4023 

I found these two hang tags in a store years ago and have loved them ever since that day.  They’re simple decorations, but they’ve travelled with me across at least four homes.  While I love to hang them on the wall once we’ve taken the stockings down from Christmas, our only space for them in our current home is on dresser drawer handles in our entryway.  They’re unconventional in that space, but perfectly fill out our entryway with Valentines Day love.

Girls Night at Vert Beauty

A quick catch up on an event my girlfriend Rebecca hosted last night at a gorgeous shop in the Highlands of Denver last night.  Offering all the best in natural beauty (skin care, hair care, makeup, etc), this space offered everything a girl could dream of while prepping for date night.

IMG_4317 The event last night hosted gals getting their make up done, eyebrows waxing (there is an esthetician upstairs in the same space), flowing champagne, and unbeatable time with my girls.  As we filled up on the sweetest little Valentines Day-themed sweets, I purchased and tried a few products I’m hoping to list in my beauty product recommendations series in the near future.


I definitely recommend heading to check out Vert Beauty if you’re a local reader!


How do you prefer to celebrate Valentines Day?  Is it a big event in your home, or so you prefer to “celebrate everyday”?

Create a great life!

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