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Trying Blue Apron Goodness

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Ray and I finally caved to trying Blue Apron when the wonderful Julie over at Peanut Butter Fingers (a fellow grad of the same high school) raved about it.  While I’ve heard great things, it’s when a fellow blogger gives two massive thumbs up that we get swayed.  And I have to tell you, I’m so glad we did!

Upon receiving the box, we instantly loved the program.  Each ingredient is exactly measured to fit 2-4 portion sizes, whichever you order while on the website.  The bags are labeled and all you do is toss them in the refrigerator to be removed when it’s time to make your meal for the week.

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For our first meal to try, we went with the Seared Cod.  The box also comes with exact directions for each meal, starting with which items to remove from the fridge and ending with suggestions for how to plate the meal.  Even the suggested order of chopping the veggies was included!

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True to Blue Apron’s promise, all ingredients were included.  Down to the butter!  The three pieces that we found we needed, and are likely in most kitchens if you’re reading this, are salt, pepper, and olive oil.

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While the directions  included several mini steps, there were actually three major steps.  Mix veggies, create a vinaigrette from scratch (ingredients included), and pan searing the cod.  In total, I would say that the meal took us 30-45 minutes to pull together.

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I would highly recommend Blue Apron for a simple, healthy, filling meal.  I’ll be honest when I say that we were incredibly skeptical that these dishes would be enough food for the two of us – especially with super athlete Ray over this way.  But it was perfect portion size to leave us feeling a satisfied full.

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Ray and I already can’t wait to try our next dish this week and we already have our order to go for next week!  I, along with everyone I’ve heard from to date, gives Blue Apron two very enthusiastic thumbs up.

6 23 15_8 Full disclosure: This post was not sponsored in any way – I’m just passing on the good word!


Have you ever tried Blue Apron or a similar delivery service?  If so, what were your thoughts?  If not, are there any that you have considered?

Create a great life!

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