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Beyond the Button Down – Favorite Fall Plaids

Sorry fitness SSTers, but today is all about fashion in my mind.  But be looking tomorrow for some fitness updates on the horizon. 🙂

In the meantime, let’s talk all about my favorite Fall plaids.  I’m loving that plaid and slightly Western inspired wear is taking over the second there’s a slight chill in the air out here in Denver.  It’s 70-something degrees right now at Starbucks while I drink my passionfruit lemonade iced tea, but the plaid button down is already making an appearance.  (Check out my Insta for today’s look, @SemiSweetTooth)

While I’m still loving the overall look and feel of the Rails Plaid Shirts I found back in June, there are so many different ways to bring plaid flare into your outfit.  While the button down is the always easy, always classic option, I’ve been searching for some other ways to incorporate one of my favorite prints into my look.  Check out the below for how I’m planning to continue bringing hints of plaid into my ensembles in a stylish, sophisticated way.

49d745eebc7444324f53bc44f16409e3 Jane Diva Boutique

Scarves become my go-to accessory in the Fall, and I’m loving this lighter plaid with a simple chambray or neutral button-down.  Be looking for this look in my future weekly ensemble postings for both work and play!  (On a side-note, is her golden glow just perfect or what?!)



Fall Vests have always brought me back to my college days – I want to head out to tailgate for a stereotypical football game, walk everywhere, and prep for a casual time around our fire pit that evening.  While I would love to go back to that time (for maybe a week or so), I love that she classed up this look with dark, tailored jeans and bangles for days.  This absolutely makes sense to be pulled into my weekend repertoire ASAP.


Prep-11 Harper Printed Flats

Shoes are an easy way to spice up any look.  In fact, I’m wearing shoes similar to this today!  Simple, tasteful flats are an ideal way to bring some classic, preppy flare  into an intentionally pulled together look.  And this combination of neutrals will go with any look of the day.



Layering does, indeed, include a button down, but in a much more understated way.  Using opposing colors will allow the plaid to look more like an accessory, while the single roll of the sleeve will allow you to look both classic and casual.  Use a solid or small print sweater to easily take your button downs late into the season.


8e1fd701c5a9bd797d233fc57a0e6b60This Silly Girl’s Life

This skirt is everything.  Well tailored and a classic print, and she allows the look to stand out.  I often think that plaid dresses are a bit too much for me for everyday, but this skirt is a perfect way to bring a little bit of that traditional flare into a more updated look.  She uses the neutral chambray to allow the print to speak for the outfit.  Well done!



How do you like to bring bits of plaid into your look?  Do you stick with traditional button downs or do you like to mix it up?

Create a great life!

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