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Gratitude List… or my Love/Dislike Challenge

I can’t remember who nominated me for the Love/Hate Challenge, but I think the concept is a blast!  (Please let me know if it was you and I’ll link back your way.)  I’ve been loving reading everyone’s sources of inspiration, and so, in the spirit of community, here are my favorites.

Love: Coming from Chicago, I love that the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup last night.  Totally obvious, but can you say “dynasty.”  Ha!

6 16 15_4 Photo from SportsCenter

Hate: The word “hate.”  It’s a bit extreme, don’t you think?!  I’ll go for “dislike” the rest of this post… just because it’s my post and I can. 🙂

Love: These bright pink peonies from King Soopers that are brightening up our kitchen this week.

6 16 15_9

Dislike: The sound of a bag of chips opening.  (I’m talking to YOU, Lay’s brand.)  It’s very high pitched.  Trust me on this.

Love: Ray and I have a recent tradition called “fondue Friday.”  Every Friday, we head out to a nearby restaurant to enjoy a happy hour beverage and their fantastic white cheddar fondue.  It’s likely my favorite tradition since we’ve moved to Denver, because it allows Ray and I to re-connect without the distractions of work, blogging, and television.  It’s a definite love of each week!

6 16 15_7

Dislike: I know I’ve been talking about it non-stop, but I cannot figure out this Denver weather! Rain in the afternoons, 90 degree uber-humid days, and I always feel like a random hail-storm is coming our way.  I’m loving it out here, but this weather needs to calm down, yo!

Love: On the opposite side of the weather story, are the beautiful flowers and greenery that have started to blossom.  Also, it seems that I love bright pink flowers.

6 16 15_8

Dislike: The smell of rubber burning. Yes, that’s incredibly random, but you asked.

Love: I’ve recently fallen in love with Divine brand’s chocolate bar with sea salt.  They have a little salty kick, but the small squares mean that you can eat a piece of the bar and not feel incredibly guilty afterwards!  It’s incredibly satisfying.

6 16 15_11

Dislike: Black olives.  They make everything way too salty!  Black olives on pizza?  Why ruin a great thing!

Love: I don’t even drink coffee and I love these little cards that they’ve started adding to our local Starbucks shops.  They include highlights of the nation where the coffee is sourced and details on the specific region.  This is genius to make your purchase feel just that much more local, rather than feeling like you’re supporting a massive chain.

6 16 15_10

Dislike: Animals that scurry at a quick pace.  You can ask anyone that’s been hiking with me – if a chipmunk comes close to me, I scream.  Yes, they are adorable, but please don’t scurry in my vicinity.

Love: Below is a scene for the recent movie Entourage (not giving anything away that hasn’t been broadcast everywhere by this point.)  The best man in the background is a guy that was in my group when I sailed around Croatia a few years back (we don’t keep in touch, other than Facebook – totally counts.)  But this is a perfect example of that  love seeing people I know hustling to achieve their dreams.  He’s a model, but wanted to get into some films in small roles.  Rock it, bud!

6 16 15_6

Dislike: The complete opposite of my “love” above.  I’ve seen too many times, friends and family that have decided to stay “stuck” with what their doing because they don’t take the initiative to follow their dreams.  Sometime I’ve even been that person!  Don’t feel stuck.  Live your best life!

Love: RAY AND I finally BOOKED OUR TRIP TO MACHU PICCHU!  I have been talking about this trip forever, and I am so excited that we’ve taken the next step to make it a reality!!  (I also hope that a llama pops into my picture like the one below. 🙂 )


Dislike: Being lazy.  I really do try to relax and recharge my batteries… but I’m not very good at it.  I’d much prefer to be out and about  experiencing life. 🙂

Love: One more time for the Stanley Cup!!  For those that have been reading a while, you know that we have a good friend that plays on the Kings and that we got to celebrate on his day with the Cup last year.  Memories that will definitely last a lifetime!

6 16 15_12 6 16 15_13

And now to nominate some of my favorite blogs on the interweb to check out what they love and dislike!  (I haven’t seen that any of you have gotten this, but feel free to “next” if you have!)  List 10 things that you love and 10 that you dislike at this point in your life.  Can’t wait to read your posts!!

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Be sure to check out their blogs, because these gals ROCK!!


What are you loving or disliking nowadays?  Can’t wait to hear more in the comments section below!

Create a great life!

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