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Notes in the Mail

I absolutely adore getting mail everyday.  Whether or not I know something is coming in the mail, it’s always such a pleasure to get a piece of snail mail after a long day in the office.

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Because I know how much I love getting mail, I love sending cards even more!  It’s such a blast to be able to send a quick note to remind someone that I’m thinking about them and hope they’re well.  I also feel like it’s so much more personal than the technology we’re surrounded by on a regular basis.

When I talk to others about sending cards regularly to friends and family, so many people say that they never send mail anymore.  In case you’re interested in joining in this lost art, then I have two tips that will help to make this practice much easier to turn into a habit.

Stock up on cards

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Whenever I find the opportunity, I’m stocking up on cards that make me smile.  We all know that birthdays, holidays, and opportunities to say “thank you” are going to arise across the year.  If I’m not stopping into our local stationary store, then I will find time in local Walgreens or CVS stores so that I’ll be ready to go once these events cross the calendar.

Keep an old-school address book and stamps ready to go

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I purchased myself an old school address book over five years ago, and it’s worked like a charm.  My trick for organization is that I write in pencil (especially with how much people in their 20s move) and I organize by first name, which I’ve found to be helpful as friends get married and change their last names.  I also try to have a few sheets of stamps stored in my address book.

Can’t wait to hear about all of the great letters you guys start sending to your loved ones!


Do you send cards in the mail often?  What are your favorite pieces of mail to receive?

Create a great life!

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