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Weekly Workouts and Health-Related Goals

I’m finding a need to take a break from my everyday BBG workouts, with a struggle to keep up with the everyday schedule in this holiday season.  I have regularly found that planning too far in advance with my workouts or starting to put too much pressure on myself, somehow makes me end up going the complete opposite direction where I don’t lead my healthiest lifestyle.  You’ll see evidence of this in my weekly workouts and goals for the week below.

Weekly Workouts

Weekly WorkoutsTaking a cue from Ashley, I’ve started listing off my weekly workouts to hold myself accountable and keep myself on the right path.  This is my third week of tracking and I’m already starting to see some trends (loosely mentioned above, but will likely explored further in a later post.)

Monday: BBG Week 9 Resistance Workout

Tuesday: 40 Minute LISS Workout

Wednesday: BBG Week 9 Resistance Workout

Thursday: Rest Day

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: 30 Minute LISS

Sunday: Rest Day

This week included more rest days than I typically like to allow for myself.  I’m already feeling the effects in my health patterns, such as not sleeping well (probably four good hours last night) and craving unhealthy foods.  But, with all that I had on my calendar, I am proud that I fit in time to get a sweat most days of the week, even on days that I was celebrating the holidays with my mother in town.

In upcoming weeks, I’m focusing on progress, not perfection.  How can I use this past week as a starting point and motivation to get my booty moving over the holidays?

Goals for the Week

So many of my favorite bloggers start off their weeks with sharing their goals.  But I’ve realized that I rarely, if ever, share my own goals.  So I had better get started!  Based on last week, my four primary goals for the week ahead.

1) Get a sweat in at least once/day

2) Get 7-9 hours of solid sleep at least three nights this week

3) Focus on narrowing my sweet tooth down to one sweet per day (the holiday parties haven’t been great for this one, so self-made limitations need to be put in place)

4) Take time at least once this week for foam rolling and rehabilitation, hopefully Sunday

I’m hoping that this week will be helpful to getting me back on the right path.  We have skiing scheduled, which should be helpful in completing all of these goals.  I’m also planning to keep the same goals for the next few weeks to get the basics back down.  I am planning on regularly incorporating BBG resistance workouts from Kayla, but I likely won’t stick to the exact suggested schedule and my HIIT and LISS workouts will likely not be based on her suggestions.  (Surprisingly, Australians rarely incorporate skiing into their workout plans.)


What are your primary goals for this week?

How do you stay committed to workouts and overall health over the holidays?

Create a great life!

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