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New Product Trial: Arbonne Lip Saver, SPF 30

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Since moving out to Denver, I have become obsessed with lotion and chapstick.  It’s insane to me how many little chapstick capsules I’ve gone through in my time here!  But even greater than the moisturizing qualities of the brands I’ve been purchaing, is the sun protection.  When you’re a mile closer to the sun, you learn to appreciate the everyday gift that is sunblock more than you know.  (Ask anyone who’s gotten sun blisters… I’m talking to you, Raymond.)

While I’ve tried many different brands of sun protecting chapsticks, most of them tend to hang on the surface of my lips, never really soaking in to provide the full benefits of the product.  But when I decided to sample Arbonne’s offering, everything was different.

First of all, you feel the product soaking in almost instantly, giving your lips a light, tingling feeling.  Arbonne actually even suggests putting on the product 15 minutes before going into the sun to let it activate!  I also love the light sheen that it provides.  Not too clumpy, but just enough of a shine to look like you cared.  But, best of all in my opinion, is that this baby lasts!  While I usually feel like I have to put on chapstick every 5 minutes, I can leave this one on for a couple of hours without an issue.  (The packaging says to reapply every 2 hours, which may be a stretch.  Though it’s better than any competitive product I’ve tried in a long time!)

The only negative that I’ve found about this product is that it doesn’t layer well, which truthfully isn’t the intention of the product anyway.  Though I would suggest that if you’re going to combine with a color that you stick with a traditional lipstick or gloss, or make your own gloss with more pliable Vasaline.

Please note, none of this content is sponsored.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.


What are you favorite lip products for everyday?  Do you have a favorite brand that you use for sun protection?

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