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Hair Styling Tips from My Wedding Day Pro

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For the wedding this past weekend, we had a set of AMAZING hair stylists come into help us beautify ourselves early on Saturday morning.  This group of all-stars came to us from Cheeky Strut, a fantastic salon in the middle of Grand Rapids, Michigan (be sure to stop by if you’re in town!)

Just like when I receive my usual hair cuts or styles, I made sure to bring in pictures, but also gave my stylist my trust and flexibility on what would work well with my hair.  I had also given Kate (the bride) two options for hair that I was interested in – a low side ponytail filled with curls or a low chignon.  She said a low chignon made sense for the overall look she was going for, so that was the direction I went.

My stylist Scotti and I worked together to create a style that I adored!  It was a low chignon filled with lots of volume (we were in a massive cathedral, so a bit of drama was in order), a bit to the side for better picture taking, and a classic low, loose (looking) bun in the back.  If I could re-create this everyday, I absolutely would!

8 24 15_6 With my gorgeous stylist Scotti.  How rockin’ is she?!

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I also asked Scotti for a couple tips that might help me in everyday, three of which are below.  Enjoy!

When backcombing your hair, stay close to the root – My usual issue with backcombing is that I’ll just grab a section of hair and start teasing like a champ, obviously creating no noticeable impact.  Scotti suggested to stay close to the root, which will ultimately lift the entire section of hair, giving volume that will last all day.

Consider using a square-round barreled brush for styling purposes – While I am madly in love with round brushing my hair to give sleek volume to my hair (when I’m not letting it air dry), this was the first time I used a square-round brush.  It was amazing how it added additional grip, but still had the fantastic impact available when I take the time to round brush.

Invest in a good, flexible hold hairspray  – I’ll be the first to admit that I hate spending a lot on cosmetics you can’t see.  I have my favorite cheap face wash, I love getting a great discount on contacts, and I hate spending more than a few bucks on hair spray.  But it really does make such a big difference!  Scotti told me that most hair sprays leave that kind of crunchy feeling, which ultimately weighs the hair down, pulling out any curl or volumizing effect you might have been looking to hold in place.  Yet the crunchy feeling remains!  Make sure your hair spray keeps your hair in place, while not being to noticeable.  And if you’ve found one you love, please share in the comment section below!

Please note, none of this content is sponsored and all opinions are my own.


What are your favorite hair styling tips that you’ve learned across the years?  Can’t wait to learn from you guys, as always!

Create a great life!

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