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Dreaming of Paris


We had close to 20 people over to our place yesterday to celebrate Orphan Easter/Passover (see: post from last Thursday), which felt like an amazing feat!  The amount of food that we have leftover is just this side of overwhelming.  If anyone wants any cinnamon buns, Italian sausages, or mimosas, then I think our home will be the hot spot for the next few weeks.

Though coming out of this amazing, sunny day, I find myself back in the office, now dreaming of Paris.  No, I don’t have any plans to head there for the time being, but the memories of past trips serve as a great reminder of the beauty that is born in Springtime.

I hope that all my SSTers were able to celebrate this beautiful weekend surrounded by friends and family that they love.  Check back later on today for a new product review on Dear Clark Volumizing Hair Tonic (hint: it works, but we need to have a conversation on the scent.)


How did you celebrate this sunny weekend?  Do you enjoy holidays that are more rowdy with several friends and family members, or do you prefer to be more chill?

Create a great life!

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