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New Product Trial: Marcelle BB Cream

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In prepping for Engagement Pictures, I decided to go head on into BB Creams, and this one has definitely hit the mark!  The color was a bit darker than expected, which was actually fine for our pictures, but I would absolutely go a little bit lighter for everyday.  (Granted, I stay fairly pale… I’m still becoming comfortable with this whole “healthy skin” thing.)

The overall product consistency was what made this product for me.  It’s a little bit thicker than the typical BB Cream that I’d use, but it did exactly what I wanted it to do – evened out my skin tone and acted as a fantastic base that helped my makeup stay put all day.

Ignore the scary eyes in the picture below, but I wanted to do a quick morning picture with no additional makeup on.  While I absolutely added the usual under eye coverage, toner, highlighter, etc, I feel as though this base was well established.  I HIGHLY recommend letting it soak into your skin, as you should with any moisturizer,  but you should be up and running fairly quickly.

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Do you have a favorite BB Cream that you use regularly?  Let us know your thoughts of you’ve tried this product, too!

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