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Beauty Philosophy: Where I Splurge & Save

If you’ve been around here for a while, you know I’ve been reading Cupcakes & Cashmere for several years at this point.  So when Emily recently shared a post on her beauty philosophy and where she splurges and saves, I was all ears.  I love posts when people I trust decide to share their personal preferences on where they spend their hard earned dollars.  I love trying new products, but what’s really worth trying is a different situation entirely.


Below are my personal preferences on where I splurge, and where I decide to save my hard-earned cash flow.

Save: Hair Color.  I’m guessing that I’m in the minority when I say that I’ve actually never dyed or highlighted my hair.  While I used to be committed to “Sun-In” during certain seasons, I now try to avoid chemicals in the already very dry conditions in Denver.  Depending on my activities for the day, such as if I’m going on a boat or having a beach-day, I will sometimes toss a little bit of lemon juice in my hair for good measure.  However, most of the time, I stick with incredibly natural hair color, which I feel has helped to keep my hair strong and healthy across the years.

Save: Eyebrows.  I’ve only gotten my eyebrows waxed a couple of times, but I’ve never liked the end result.  Oftentimes, I find that the eyebrow professional goes a bit too thin for my liking or I feel like I look much too manicured.  Instead, I much prefer to use my 10x mirror that was a gift from my mother (it’s a bit alarming the first time you look into it) and my handy set of sharp tweezers.

Spend: Hair Cuts.  This likely isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned that I rarely get my hair cut.  I tend to go at least 6 months between hair cuts, but typically longer (I think I’m going to go for 9 this time around.)  When I do get my hair cut, I love it for about a week, but then I often find myself in what feels like a random in-between length.  Because I’m a tried a true long-haired girl (I chopped it off for Locks of Love twice and don’t regret the deed, but do regret the length), I’d much prefer to let my hair grow and spend more on the rare hair cut, rather than the alternative.

Save: Blow Outs.  I’ll be honest that I would love to get a blow out everyday.  However, unfortunately, my hair is definitely not the type that you can wash once a week and forget about it.  My preference for tough workouts and thin strands of hair mean that once every third day is the longest I can go without washing my hair – and that’s only if I’m willing to go top knot on day three.  Because of my proclivity towards washing my locks, I just don’t feel it’s worth it to get blow outs except for the rare special occasion.

Spend: Waxing (but would prefer to save.)  My main focus on finding a place for waxing is to find a studio where I am comfortable and I feel like the risk of injury is low.  Unfortunately, the only places that have brought me to that level of comfort are usually on the pricey side.  Truthfully, however, I feel that this slightly uncomfortable situation could include makeshift walls rather than zen music and it would be about the same.  So hey, if you have any recommendations for studios to check out in Denver, please send them my way!

Spend: Nails.  As embarrassing as it is to admit, I’m a nail and cuticle biter through and through.  I’ve tried everything and it’s just not a habit that’s going to stop – there are a lot worse habits I could have, so I’m not that worried about it.  Additionally, while my right hand can paint my left with no issue, my left hand painting my right looks like a small child somehow got involved.  Therefore, the only thing that looks presentable and prevents be from biting my nails is to get them professionally painted.  I typically stick with once per month rather than the recommended once every two weeks to make the experience feel “worth it.”

Spend: Massages.  True life… this is a big one for me.  Anytime I’ve moved, I’ve gone on a massive search party until I can find an affordable masseuse that ends up changing my life.  I now get a massage close to once per month for maintenance and I swear it makes a huge difference.  Less headaches, less back pain (from my not-so-great posture), and ultimately a lot more relaxed, happier Jessica.  I’ve decided that, if I can swing it, a massage is definitely worth the price.

Save: Facials.  Similar to coloring my hair, I’ve actually never had a facial.  (Gasp!)  Although I do expect that to change this year.  I have not been able to figure out how to properly take care of my skin since moving to Denver, and I’ve been getting everything from dry skin on my chin, to pimples next to my nose.  I need some professional help with this one… STAT!

Save: Spray Tans.  While I rarely trust myself with breaking out the tanner, I also rarely get spray tans.  On the rare occasion that I do (for special events where I know that the pictures will last a lifetime), I make sure to purchase a package of spray tans that does not expire.  I’m still working through a package in Chicago that I bought well before we left the city, and I’ve refused to purchase more until that’s all used up.  In the meantime, I love using St. Tropez from Sephora, as well as tanning face wipes to tide me over between bouts in the sun and trips to see a professional to get this pale skin some color.


Where do you tend to splurge versus save in your beauty routine?

Create a great life!

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