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What’s in My Bag?

This “What’s in my bag?” posts highlights all of the items I carry with me in my purse on a daily basis.

There are certain posts that I love on other blogs, and one of those is always “what’s in my bag” posts.  I regularly find new products and love to see what others find as absolutely necessary to have with them at all times.  Today, I decided that it’s time to toss in my list of favorites for good measure.

I’m not one to bring much with me for the day.  I prefer to get entirely ready at home and only bring my in-case-of-emergency replenishments.  This lightens my load across the day so that I don’t have much to think about and it’s easy to switch from purse to clutch on a moment’s notice.  Check out below for my usual, go-to products that I adore to have by my side at all times.


What’s in my everyday bag?

1) Angela Roi handbag

This is, by far, my favorite purse right now.  The color, while being a more interesting eggplant color, seems to effortlessly go with everything.  It’s a simple bag, with one small pocket on the inside and a similarly sized pocket on the outside.  Perfect for carrying everything I might need each day.

2) Eye drops

I’m the friend with all the eye problems.  My contacts are strong and my glasses are even stronger.  So when we moved to Denver, I immediately began investing in generic-brand rewetting eye drops.  They’re such a comfort and make my day go a lot smoother than when I have tired, dry eyes.

3) Pen and Pencil

Pencils are under-rated, but a pen that writes well is magic.  May as well have both handy to jot down handy notes at a moment’s notice.

4) Hair Clip

While there are many women that bring hair ties and bobby pins with them everywhere, I’m not one of them.  I was born with lots of thin strands of hair, meaning that I get kinks in my hair incredibly easily.  A simple butterfly hair clip is my go-to for tossing my hair up in a jiffy.

5) Tide to go

Guys, I’m going to be really honest with you.  When I’m in my element… I’m a messy eater.  Tide to go is used frequently in our home, and it’s always made sense to me to bring one on the road with me, too.  I’m almost embarrassed to admit how frequently it’s used.

6) Roller Lash Benefit Mascara

When people ask me the one bit of makeup I feel like I need everyday, without hesitation, it’s mascara.  Similar to my shampoo and conditioner, I prefer to rotate through a few brands to keep my eyelashes guessing.  While this mascara has a very natural finish, it’s created to actually curl your eyelashes slightly along their natural curve.  It’s a perfect replacement for mid-day rather than applying mascara and using my eyelash curler.

7) Travel Sized Perfume

I collect travel sized perfumes every chance I get, and regularly use them for everyday and within my travel cosmetic bag.  Right now, I’m loving Kate Spade’s perfume and have loved spraying a bit on my wrists and neckline mid-day or after my post-workout shower.

8) MANNA lipgloss in “Lucky”

Unless I’m wearing a specific color for day (in which case I’ll bring it with me), this is my regular color for everyday.  It’s a very natural color, provides moisture, and doesn’t leave that sticky feeling I get from most glosses.

9) Wallet

I’m not picky about my wallets, changing them frequently to whatever I find or happen to have available.  While I don’t love the obvious Coach print, I do love that the consistent coloring makes the wallet a bit more under-stated.  Plus, the pockets within Coach’s wallets include enough space for everything you’ll need across the day.

10) Ray-Ban Aviators

If I have any accessory obsession, it’s sunglasses.  These sunglasses are actually my godfathers that he left at our house after visiting with my father and never retrieved.  While they’re a bit big, being men’s sunglasses after all, I love the vintage feel of the Top Gun-esque, gold Ray-Bans and I enjoy regularly wearing them on walks across the city to and from meetings.

11) Keys

Rather than a fashionable keychain, I adore using one that my nieces and nephews gave to me years ago.  It makes me feel a bit closer to home.

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