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Matcha Mint Latte Iced Tea

Those of you that have been around for a while know that Ray and I have stopped drinking all forms of liquor for the time being. (A quick reminder that we’ve grown to calling our wedding diet “good life decisions.” So no liquor, beer, and/or wine fits the situation perfectly.) But one thing I’ve realized throughout this season is that all of my fun drink recipes include liquor! While I love enjoying a cool drink of water, I’ve missed being able to get crafty next to our bar cart.

In an effort to bring back some of that fun creativity, I went exploring across the web finding fun recipes. Some of the favorites that I spotted included a strawberry-raspberry soda, blueberry iced tea, and a Rosemary Citrus Spritzer. Each looked delicious, but once I spotted this Matcha Mint Iced Tea, I knew it was the perfect recipe to customize and make our own.

Matcha has been everywhere lately. And for good reason, because there are huge benefits to this wonder ingredient. It provides energy, avoids the crash most get with coffee, has 137 more antioxidants than green tea, helps to burn fat, fights cancer, and reverses cellular damage. Count me in!

While the recipe provided looked delicious, I decided to make my own little version (because it’s what I do.) As a side-note, matcha was also surprisingly difficult to find in Denver, so I encourage you to call your stores in advance. Whole Foods had regular matcha available, King Soopers didn’t have anything of the like, but Trader Joe’s had a matcha latte powder that I ultimately selected. So delicious.

Matcha Mint Latte Iced Tea _1

Matcha Mint Latte Iced Tea


– Filtered water

– Matcha Latte Tea powder (regular Matcha powder is fine, but it won’t have the Latte potion of the beverage)

– Mint (about a handful)

– Crushed ice or regular ice cubes

– Lime (optional)


1. Follow the directions on your preferred matcha powder to first make it an iced beverage. If there are no instructions, then heat up water and pour ~3 ounces of water over 3 tablespoons of matcha powder. Stir to combine and put in the refrigerator to cool.

2. In a separate glass filled ¾ of ice, add in just under a handful of mint, a squeeze of lime, and fill the glass 1/3 full of filtered water. Once the heated tea is cooled slightly, pour into the glass to fill the additional 2/3. Stir to combine. Enjoy!

3. Note that matcha tends to separate and clump a bit faster when cooled than when heated. With this in mind, I recommend keeping you stirrer or spoon on hand for when your beverage needs to be a bit more combined.

Matcha Mint Latte Iced Tea _2


What is your favorite food trend that you’re enjoying this season?

Do you have any favorite nonalcoholic beverage recipes to recommend?

Create a great life!

*Please note that this content is sponsored by Z5 Media, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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