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S’Mores Ice Box Cake

This S’mores Ice Box Cake is the perfect alternative for those of us that don’t have fire pit handy in the backyard.  Combining all of the delicious flavors of a traditional s’more, but cooling it down and making it accessible in our home has been the ideal summertime treat!

I’ve been seeing S’mores Ice Box Cakes everywhere lately.  However, for whatever reason, I’ve also noticed that folks have been making the recipes incredibly detailed and I felt they were far too difficult for what I was wanting to create.

So I made my own!

s'mores ice box cake _4

This S’mores Ice Box Cake is the perfect treat to celebrate the end of summer.  No need for a fire pit if you don’t have one.  And so easy to make that you can create this last minute on a hot summer night.

Forewarning you that I pretty much ate this whole cake before Ray got home.  And no, it’s not healthy.  But it is delicious.  If you’re making/eating a S’mores Ice Box Cake, let’s be really honest and remember that the tasty factor is a lot more important.

S'mores Ice Box Cake

S’mores Ice Box Cake

Prep Time: 30 minutes; Refrigerate Time (inactive): 6 hours

Total Time: 4 hours & 30 minutes

Serves: 12 (unless you eat it all first!)


  • Chocolate instant pudding
  • 1 1/2 cups marshmallow crème
  • 1 cup Cool Whip (can I put this into every recipe?)
  • 3 sleeves of original graham crackers
  • 4-5 regular Oreos (feel free to use milk chocolate Hershey bars instead if you’d prefer)

Materials Used


  1. Create the instant pudding according to the directions on the box.  This will be your chocolate layer.  (You will also use the hand mixer during this step.)
  2. In one of your mixing bowls, combine together the marshmallow crème and Cool Whip.  I also used the hand mixer for this step.
  3. In your 2 quart glass baking dish, line the base with a single layer of graham crackers.  You may have to break a few into halves to make sure that they remain in a single layer.  Using your spatula, spread half of the chocolate pudding in an even layer on top of the crackers.  Add another layer of crackers, followed by half of the marshmallow crème mixture.  Repeat these layers one more time, ending with the marshmallow crème on top.
  4. Crumble your Oreos in an even layer on top.  Toss in the refrigerator for at least six hours or over night to let the flavors soak a bit into the graham crackers.  Enjoy!  This deliciousness will last just under a week.

s'mores ice box cake _5

s'mores ice box cake _6


Have you made s’mores yet this summer?

What’s your favorite summertime food?

Create a great life!

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