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Pictures of Food… Primarily Snacks

Sometimes I just don’t feel like sitting down and making a full meal.  A full day of snacks can be a huge risk, seeing as the majority of the food we see as traditionally “snack food” is chips and salsa or something salty of the like.  But that absolutely does not have to be the case!

When I have a day full of snacking, I actually consider it to be more small meals than being the chips and dip variety (even though those are sometimes included, too. – seen below.)  Sometimes I’m able to meal plan, but sometimes that’s just out of the realm of reality.  And that’s okay.

The meals below are from Tuesday (yesterday) and feature a wide variety of snacks.  But I still ate healthfully and covered all of the food groups, albeit not in the traditional way.  Save this link and keep it for when you’re in snack mode for delicious alternatives to the salty snack.  Then take a minute to enjoy every bite!


Each week, I like to review an entire day of eating to show that we can be healthy, even if every meal doesn’t take a lot of time to make or look like an Instagram picture.

7am: My usual Kroger generic brand granola bar and hot tea (Breathe Easy tea because of all of the sniffles and allergies floating through the Denver air.)

9am: Iced chai tea latte with soy and extra light ice from Starbucks (picture from a different beverage, but I was just as excited!)


Noon-ish: Green apple with peanut butter and a no bake Reeses bar (recipe from yesterday)

No Bake Reeses Bars _2

2pm: Cherry Carbmaster yogurt from Kroger


4:30pm: Chips & hummus and an Emergen-C (one a day keeps the doc away!)

6:30pm: Fettuccine with fresh pesto (recipe to come, because it was THAT GOOD) with a side of roasted carrots & red onions


8:30pm: Peach with fresh whipped cream

At the end of the day, I felt refreshed and satisfied.  I could have gone with more protein (some is in the pesto ingredients, but the more the merrier), but nothing was incredibly unhealthy.  In the next week, I hope to continue making healthy decisions, even though most decisions will have to be made last minute related to eating out.

Champagne cheers to drinking champagne being “allowed” again starting Saturday and to eating foods that make us feel good!  (Quick reminder that Ray and I decided to not drink alcohol following our Bachelor and Bachelorette parties until wedding week.  Eek!)


What are some of your favorite snack foods?

How do you stay focused on staying healthy when you’re eating out?

Create a great life!

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