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Confession: I Love 60 Second Rice

Guys, I have something semi-embarrassing to admit.  I love 60 second rice.  (Phew – that was a tough one.)  But really, regardless of the high sodium content and fact that there is maybe a 0.2% ratio of fresh ingredients compared to whatever keeps this bag magically fresh on the shelf, this rice always seems to be the perfect filler for any meal. 


Old El Paso Rice with Mexican Style Seasoning is being discontinued at my local King Soopers and I’m devastated.  While the bag claims that it’s two servings, Ray and I easily save it to be closer to four.  It tastes fantastic in 60 easy seconds and still tastes great when we’re ready to re-heat it for lunch or for a second night.


Since my favorite rice is being discontinued, I need your recommendations!  Do you have any quick, easy rice that you can recommend for me to switch to in King Soopers?  Since I don’t eat this due to the health benefits, my top qualifications are speedy to prepare and tastes great!

Thanks, y’all.  I can’t wait to check out your tips!

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