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Hiking & golfing in Evergreen


I took a 60-minute bikram  yoga class over lunch at a studio nearby.  It was amazing to re-connect.  I’ve definitely missed being able to settle in to my practice and re-focus on what I truly need in this life – to center in on my spirituality, love, and squeezing every drop of awesomeness this life has to offer.


Today was snowing to the point that I ended up just working at home.  (Let’s just say the rear-wheel drive convertible was not meant for the elements.)  What working at home means for me is that I get a dramatically large amount of work done… and I get to ROMBAAAA!!!


Today’s snow just made me want to beg for the past week’s record highs.  Last Sunday was so warm that we were able to go on a 3 hour hike, followed by 17 holes of golf.  (Not 18, hole 10 was closed, boo…)

The hike was called Canyon Loop and was filled with gorgeous waterfalls.  Plus, the views from the top of the mountains were stunning!

Hiking in golf shorts

Hiking in golf shorts

This was our first time golfing in Colorado and it.was.different.  First of all, the ball FLIES.  Secondly, you have to play the hills or you will literally lose your ball off the side of a mountain.  Thirdly…

Sorry, seems we only take pictures of Ray

Sorry, seems we only take pictures of Ray

See that arrow up top?  What’s the likelihood that I hit over that?  Let’s just say I made my own drop zone.

What do you guys do to take your mind off the chill?  I’ll take whatever tips you’ve got to try ignoring these record lows!

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