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Chasing Music & Mountains

Over the years, I’ve recognized when I’ve felt “stuck.”  Those times when nothing seems to be going right and you need something major to get you out of your rut.

After a lot of prayer and a lot of deep thought, I know that that’s what this move has the ability to be for me.  I’m not sure of the exact purpose of me being here yet, but I can say that it has been an opportunity for a breadth of fresh air.

Today was a perfect example of this.  I worked out of a new office today to check out a new area of Denver.  While on the surface it looked like a traditional office, it always takes a little bit of exploring to find the new patches of beauty.

new office view1 new office view2

It is rare that there is such beauty just outside the door.


Everyone has those songs that just stick.  They bring you back and dare you to stop reminiscing on the good times.

This is exactly what happened at work today when my old, favorite high school band came on my iPod.  By that I mean, people that went to high school with me, high school band.

Les Harvard

What songs do you jam out to that bring you back?  I can’t be the only old school, rock out tune follower out there…

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