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April Fools – Meet My Favorite (Nice, Non-Hurtful) Pranks!

Because today is April Fools Day, what better way to celebrate than by enjoying some kind-hearted pranks!  Just the thought of pranking someone kind of makes me break out in a sweat.  I’m a terrible liar, and I can barely get to Christmas without telling people what I bought for them.  Though I love a good-natured, friendly prank and completely support the sport.  With that in mind, let’s get to it!:

1) This one is old reliable, and I bust out in tears from laughing so hard each time I see it.  If you haven’t seen the missing drive-through driver, then watch (and enjoy) here (video posted below for those who have access.)

2)  Very similar to the one above, but just as funny.  Check out when this guy had a skeleton drive up to drive-thru windows.  I especially love that everyone is wanting to take pictures and Instagram the event.  #relevant  Clip can be found here or in the link below.

3) This one is a wee bit more personal, in that I was involved.  My best friend from my old job, Scott, now works in that company’s New York City office.  However, whenever we were able to plan internal meetings at the same location, we did the best we could to be roomies.  Luckily, one of the times, his boss was there – and she & Scott have an ongoing prank war with one another.

Between meetings, our company was supposed to go up to our rooms to change into black tie attire for cocktails that evening.  But, while Scott was in the shower, we took all of his clothes out of the room and left a furry, dinosaur costume hanging in the closet.  I had to leave before Scott even got to the room because my face was red the whole time, ha!

While I normally wouldn’t pull this prank, Scott is not one to turn away attention – he loved it.  To be fair, we loved seeing him walk around with a furry tail all night, too.

April 1

4) I fully enjoy ball pits.  I think they’re positive in any situation – really, try to act upset in a ball pit.  Bet ya’ can’t!  With that said, I think the below prank is genius for somebody’s birthday.  If there’s an office prankster in your midst, now you know how to celebrate his/her birthday!


5) Speaking of ball pits, the guy in this last video surprised his wife when, upon coming home from work, their entire home was a ball pit!  To be honest, most of this guy’s pranks are pretty lame, but this one kind of pulls at the heartstrings.  Seeing the whole family’s face light up will make you smile, too.  Check out the video here or in the link below.


Do you have any favorite pranks that you’ve seen over the years?  Have you ever been involved in a pranking war?  If so, I’d love to hear about it!

Create a great life!

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