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Weekend Update: Rockies Games & Birthdays

This weekend was an absolute blast – except for the crazy weather roaming across Denver.  We had plans to stay completely low-key so that we could go with the flow. We, for the most part, stuck with that plan.  Though we did make some last minute plans that took up our time.

On Friday, we kept with our no plans plan.  We grabbed a quick happy hour drink and snack at one of our favorite spots in Denver called Curtis Club.  It’s a local establishment and we go there during happy hours due to an amazing fondue cheese that they have combined with vegetables.  Though I think my favorite part of “the Club” is likely their rustic design.  The walls are covered in reclaimed wood and they mix in classic chandeliers and horseshoes over each doorway.  It instantly makes you feel right at home!

5 11 15 (1)

Saturday, I took a Contemporary Dance Class, then a Barre class nearby, then off to the driving range to hit a few golf balls before the rain was supposed to come.  Just as it sounds, it was a full day, but amazing to fill it with activities that I love and that I felt were building me to become a better person.  After coming home to relax a bit and wait for Ray to come home from playing golf with his friends, we went out to celebrate a girlfriends birthday nearby.  I’ve known Michael Anne since we were in elementary school, and it was so much fun to head out to celebrate her birthday in Denver.  She’s grown into a beautiful woman, and as you can see from the pictures, we had a great time out and about. 🙂

EICHENPAS - 5 11 15 (2)

EICHENPAS - 5 11 15 (3)

The craziest thing about this weekend was the weather!  While we were at dinner, it start snowing!  Yes, this was just after I spent part of the day at the driving range.  Sunday morning, we woke up to close to a foot of snow, but it was almost completely melted by 10am!  I’m still struggling to understand this weather.  Layers.  That’s the only thing I know.

5 11 15 (4) Yes.  I am wearing Sperrys next to the snow.  That’s how confused I’m getting around this place.

While we were at brunch Sunday morning, Ray, our friend Pat, and I decided last minute to buy $6 tickets to the Rockies game.  That’s right, $6 was the face value of the tickets on TicketMaster.  On a sunny day.  With the mountains in the background.  The game wasn’t great, but it was a wonderful way to spend a relaxing Sunday and prep for the week ahead.

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How did you celebrate the weekend?  Did you make time for some fitness?

Create a great life!

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