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Happy Thanksgiving Workout

While Thanksgiving isn’t this week, I’m already prepping for workouts while I’m out of town.  I love being able to see family and friends, but I often struggle getting used to a new gym.  Different equipment, unusually large crowds due to limited work hours… the struggle is real, y’all!

Because this is already on my mind, I’m creating a couple of workouts that I know I’ll be able to do at home for times when I can’t get to the gym.  The workout below uses no equipment, but is a great full body workout.  I love that it’s also incredibly dynamic time-wise.  Whether I have time for three or five rounds, pushing through this workout will absolutely build a sweat and strengthen in a hurry.


thanksgiving workout

Please note the festive Thanksgiving theme print there.  You.are.welcome.



How do you prepare for the holidays?  What are you most looking forward to over the Thanksgiving holiday?

Create a great life!

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