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Wearing Sneakers for Everyday

As we start getting into the colder months, comfort is the ultimate factor I’m paying attention to as I put outfits together everyday.  I’m willing to put form-fitting wear onto the back-burner in favor of cozy sweaters, high boots, and Barbour jackets.

One trend that I’m finding myself gravitating towards at this point in the year is finding classic ways to incorporate sneakers into everyday.  I’m a huge fan of the Athletic Leisure look at the right times, but I feel like tossing an old pair of gym shoes onto my current look doesn’t cut it.

If you’re looking to explore pairing sneakers with your everyday look, then here are some tips/ideas that I’ve found to be helpful before athletically and metaphorically jumping in with both feet.

x7040 via Dulceida

When going for this look, it’s easy to want to treat your sneakers more like neutral Sperry’s or brown riding boots that go with everything… but I’d try to avoid that temptation.  Most sneakers have a bit of color and flare, thus should be treated more like a statement shoe.  My favorite Innov8 kicks are hot pink, and thus should be treated like any other hot pink shoe.  I’ll tame down the look with more neutral colors otherwise so that one, particular item “pops” within the ensemble, rather than being a crazy, neon-dressed person on a Tuesday.

x7101  via Sincerely Jules

Remember that sneakers are flats (unless you’re going for the platform trend… you go girl!), and should be treated accordingly.  Watch the length and shape of your looks.  You probably wouldn’t wear wide bell-bottoms and a massive hoodie to work with your traditional flats, so you shouldn’t with sneakers either.  Depending on your height and shape, I’d recommend more straight-leg pants or skirts/dresses that are just above the knee (the above would be a bit short for my comfort factor) to provide a fit that doesn’t overwhelm most body types.

x892 via Pink Peonies

When it comes to the colder months, I tend to lean a bit more towards masculine, dark colors and structured fit.  But when wearing sneakers, I love the idea of incorporating more feminine pieces to give a slightly androgynous feel.  Adding a complementary skirt or dress balances the overall look out so that everything meets in the middle.


x7045 via Collage Vintage

Take a cue from the above look by incorporating unexpected fabrics with your everyday sneakers to make the look cry more “dressy” than “dressed for the gym.”  Bringing in more leathers or long trenches, rather than everyday denim, will make every piece look more pulled together overall.

x7071 via Lovely Pepa

When in doubt, let your sneakers stand out!  Heck, you’re wearing them for a reason, so let them be the star of the outfit.  Keeping everything else monochrome lets the Nikes in the above shine in a way that is ultimately classic and intentional.  A piece of outfit perfection!


Are you a fan of wearing sneakers for everyday?  How do you incorporate your sneakers into your ensemble beyond the gym?

Create a great life!

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