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Gift Guide: My Favorite Last Minute Gifts

Ok, I’ll admit that I buy my gifts for people almost embarrassingly early.  If I haven’t at least started shopping by Thanksgiving, then I feel I’m terribly behind.  (It’s either my type-A nature or the fact that I’m prepping for gift guides that’s to blame… or both.)

But, inevitably, I have at least one person that I’ve forgotten.  Last year, I completely blanked that my cousin would be bringing her boyfriend’s children.  While I’m always incredibly happy to see them, it was a moment where I just completely blanked.

While I love (almost) everything about the holidays, these moments tend to make us feel a bit stressed and remove us from the season of pure pleasure.  And since it’s my goal to help us all create a great life – full of love, happiness, and confidence – here are my favorite last minute gifts that are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Cherry Creek Shopping Mall Gift Cards



You know I’m not a big mall lover.  In fact, I rarely go shopping just for the fun of it.  But there are a few malls around where I know that I’m going to get just what I need, whether that’s a specific item or the perfect gift.

One of those is Cherry Creek Shopping Center, which is a beautiful mall in the heart of Denver that’s filled with stores that are ideal for last minute shopping.  Plus, they have a GORGEOUS 60 foot Christmas tree that will immediately put you into the Christmas spirit.  A gift card from this gorgeous shopping center is the perfect way to go for anyone one your list.

IMG_8497 (1)



I’ve written time and time again about how much I adore having candles everywhere in our home.  And I think most people are the same way, as they create an instant vibe of relaxation and comfort.

But when I’m giving candles as a gift, I prefer to purchase ones that look more like an art piece than a plain glass jar.  If they add to your friend or family member’s home in both look and scent, then it’s a gift that will be both useable and a reminder of your love for quite some time.



Subscriptions are some of my favorite gifts, both to give and recieve.  They’re a gift that keeps giving across the year and is a constant reminder of the beauty of the holidays.  Plus, there is now a subscription for everyone you can think of on your list!  Some of my favorites are listed below.

The only reason I used to hate giving subscriptions is because I hated giving someone a piece of paper with a “just you wait” type of message.  To avoid this feeling, I’ve started gifting a tangible example alongside my note.  Gift a bottle of wine with your wine club membership.  Gift the first box of the subscription so that they know what they’ll be recieving across the year.  Ether way, they’ll be sure to love your gift all year long.

For New Moms: Little Pnuts is filled with eco friendly and organic toys for children 0-6 years.  The gifts are hand picked and the children are sure to love their subscription box each month.

For Your Fit Bestie: FabFitFun sends items seasonally that help women feel good from the inside out.  Plus, they actually ship full sized-item, which is rare in the subscription business.

For the Beauty Lover: Birchbox was one of my favorite gifts that I’ve recieved from Ray, and I’m still using the products almost a year later!  For both men and women, they have boxes that share primarily sample sizes of designer products.  (Note: Almost all of them have worked incredibly well for me!)

For the Book Worm: Book of the Month includes one hardcover book of your choosing each month, along with free shipping.  This is one gift that the book lover you know will love all year long.

Beauty Products

Everyone loves new beauty products, and everyone loves to know the next best thing.  Getting suggestions from my girlfriends is one of my favorite pasttimes, and sharing favorites across groups of friends and family is the perfect way to share what you love.

Build Confidence Now

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What are your favorite last minute gifts to give or recieve?

Have you signed up for our free course yet?  It’s the last one I’ll be offering for quite some time!

Create a great life!

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