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In a Season of Restful Hibernation

I recently had a discussion with my girlfriend Sarah about seasons.  Spring is meant to be a season of intense growth, Summer is for celebration, Fall is a time to let go, and Winter is to be a season of restful hibernation.  We don’t always follow the seasons exactly when making plans or in a physical sense, but they are more symbols of where we are in our lives.

At this point, while we’re physically in Winter in Denver, I’m mentally in a season of intense Spring.  I’m constantly creating, with the beta launch of Positively Confident, planning and hosting holiday festivities for family and friends alike, and designing my new home with Ray.

But, when you look in-depth at our conversation, Sarah and I were actually talking about how every season is necessary in our lives.  We can’t be 100% in Spring and entirely ignore Winter, especially when the world we’re in is physically enveloping us in that season.  We have to be willing to rest in order to bring our full selves into each season.

Even though I’ll continue to be in a season of Spring, I’m going to make it a point to cut out the unnecessary stuff within my life to welcome elements of Winter.  Be comfortable saying no to activities I don’t feel like or need to do.  Prioritize.  Focus.  Create an environment where I feel completely at ease and live it up.

Restful Hibernation _1

Living and welcoming a season of rest is not lazy.  In fact, I would suggest that it may be just the opposite.  Resting and welcoming relaxation in one season allows us to be fully present in the others.  It’s important to cultivate and harvest our energy to allow new beginnings to happen.

Promoting Rest During the Holidays

Around the holidays, at least for me, I almost immediately feel stressed.  I often feel like I have to always be “on” and impress everyone under the sun.  I get nervous that I’m going to say the wrong thing or magically piss someone off.

It’s in these times where an almost forced relaxation is both possible and a very, very good thing.  To lead my system into this stage, here are a couple of ways I’m promoting rest in my life over the holidays.

Set the Stage Physically

Light candles and take a bath.  Play low-key music that reminds you of a very relaxing time.  Enjoy the lovely Christmas lights without the massive activity that’s typically around the tree to truly enjoy the general beauty of the season.  Read or do whatever activity allows your system to slow down and heal.

When we set the stage physically, we’re allowing our system to take one less step making the leap between where we are mentally now and where we need to be.

Schedule it

It’s my belief that part of the reason I get stressed over the holidays is that our schedules are incredibly fluid.  “I’ll come over as soon as I’m done with breakfast” or “hopefully I’ll see you” is not a time.

And I know that this one is specific to those with my personality type, because my type-Aers out there will be the ones to relate.

But when I put a little bit more structure around my holidays, I become a lot more comfortable.  Including putting in that pesky time for relaxation.  Put it in your mind to work out specific days and book one night where you do nothing of consequence.  These little hiatuses of business will allow your heart to settle, if only for a moment.


What season do you feel like you’re in at this point?

How do you promote rest in your life?

Create a great life!

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