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For the Love of a Small, Pendant Necklace

I recently got one of the most creative gifts I’ve ever gotten from a friend.  Granted, she’s been one of my best friends for over two decades, so I’d expect nothing less (no pressure, Ashley!)  But nonetheless, she got Ray involved by asking me in a casual conversation, “When you think of Miami, what place do you think of?”  (Ashley, Ray, and I all went to Miami University together.)  Four months later, I received a small box on it, with a pendant necklace.

Necklace front

necklace back

On the front side, it says “Love & Honor”, which is our school’s motto.  On the back side, is the longitude and latitude lines of the area of campus that I said as my answer to Ray.  (Central Quad, for those Miamians reading out there.)

Not only is this gift perfect because of it’s strong meaning, both independently, as well as for Ashley and I, but also because I’m madly in love with small, pendant necklaces.  I now have three that I wear regularly, my Love & Honor gift, a small, gold initial necklace, and a small silver necklace that simply says, “Hope.”  These have been my saving grace for everyday wear.  They match literally everything, but never over-power.  Yes, sometimes I have a hankering to make a statement with a bold bib or drop, but these are everything to me.

In case you’re just getting on board with the pendant necklace game, below are some of my favorites that are out in the universe right now.  Notice that they all do make a statement, but they’re small enough to add a bit of intrigue.

photo 1



BIOLUMINESCENCE Arrowhead Necklace (


LAPIS LAZULI Point Necklace from Etsy

rachel bilson with fox pendant necklace by elisabeth and james

Elizabeth & James Fox Necklace

Hope you jump in the game and fall in love with these pieces as much as I have over the years!


What pieces do you wear everyday?  If you have a favorite pendant necklace – What significance does the piece have to you?

Create a great life!

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