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Full Body Dumbbell Workout

Happy Workout Wednesday here on Semi-Sweet Tooth!  But, before we jump to today’s workout, I wanted to give a HUGE thank you to all of you for your exciting response to yesterday’s Proposal post.  With over 800 views and several new followers (alongside my favorites from the beginning 🙂 ), it was my most popular post to date.  I‘m so proud of the SST family that we’ve created here thus far… I cannot wait to discover what is to come!

Now, without much further ado, this week’s workout is focused on strength training, per request.  While I’ve been focused on cardio and HIIT workouts lately, this one takes a step back to pure strength training with a simple set of dumb bells and a step (+ some burpees for good measure.)  Breathe through each exercise and push hard.  You’ve got this!

Full Body Dumbbell Workout


How do you mix in strength, cardio, and circuit workouts?  Do you have a favorite strength training exercise to complete?  (I’m a kettlebell swings fan myself!)

Create a great life!

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