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Free-Flowing Friday: Do the Denver


I’m staying at a friend’s house in Denver this week, so I’m working without a gym.  But, luckily, they have a fantastic backyard to work with!

CO road trip 2

With all of the space I have available, I’ve been pulling great hotel room workouts.  An example being the below, which combined some strength with cardio into a pretty seamless, but quick workout.

CO Road trip

I ended up doing this two times through and added one additional round of raises and lunges (gotta love em!)

With warm up and cool down/stretching, this took ~40 minutes.


I have a few meals to share with you guys.  Some on the healthy side; some that are just local fare that is worthwhile to pass along!

Snacks: As you know from past posts, I love bringing snacks with me during trips in case I’m ever stuck without food or if there’s nothing remotely healthy surrounding me.  The tastiest snacks I’ve been muchin this trip are…

Dean & Deluca tasty dried cranberry and nut mix

Dean & Deluca tasty dried cranberry and nut mix

Organic Dried Strawberries

Organic Dried Strawberries

Quite frankly, I feel as though most dried fruit is lacking taste and has kind of a crappy texture.  These both have a lot of flavor, and the strawberries have just the right amount of tart to get your energy flowing.

Bread with sharp cheese & Dry Cucumber Soda

Bread with sharp cheese & Dry Cucumber Soda

This was from a place called “Eat & Drink” in LoHi that has some of the best cheese I have ever tasted.  They consistently make fantastic recommendations based on flavor pairings and they have such fresh product offerings that you can swear they went out to pick it up just for you.  You’ll also notice this spot mentioned below.

Lunch: Also from “Eat & Drink”… I don’t know where they get their ingredients, especially their olive oil, but I want them with every meal.

The Simple Salad: Arugula, heirloom tomatoes, walnuts, topped with parmesan cheese and olive oil

The Simple Salad: Arugula, heirloom tomatoes, walnuts, topped with parmesan cheese and olive oil

Breakfast: I guess I’ll consider this a late breakfast.  This morning I worked out and ate some of those dried strawberries.  Now I’m just relaxing for a bit outside of “The Market” in Larimer Square.  This entire area has a really unique feel.  While it’s starting to collect some chains, the street is still covered by Einstein lights and the boutique restaurants and shops still pull in more people.  I highly recommend checking out this spot; I make it a point to stop here at least once every time I’m in town.

Chocolate chip biscotti and freshly made lemonade... what sugar rush?

Chocolate chip biscotti and freshly made lemonade… what sugar rush?

FREE FLOWING FRIDAY: Can you sing with all the voices of the mountain?

You don’t want me to do that… I promise.  But since I’m in Denver, the mountains and relaxed nature of this city is what’s making me happy this week.  I’ve had a ton going on this week, as you all know (sorry for missing a couple of days :-/), but this fresh air is definitely killing my stress.

Also, thanks for those of you that reached out with words and messages of encouragement.  Always a pleasure to know that this community is growing and that we’re all in this together.  I can’t wait to follow your journies and see you all succeed, as well!

With that, I’ll leave you with a view of the mountains and part of downtown Denver.  Hope you all enjoy your Friday!

view in CO

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