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Sunday Confessions: I really like fro yo


I’m not kidding when I say that Ray and I played golf today.  If you don’t think that it’s a good rest day workout, then hit a few balls on the driving range, then play a round, and let me know if your oblique muscles aren’t sore the next day.  This will be especially true if play as sporadically as I do!



We’ve been playing golf on the same courses for years.  Especially as a “not so hot” player, such as myself, it’s really nice to be surrounded by people where you know you’re going to have a great time no matter what!

So what if that's the wrong hole... I hear that's a good lie.

So what if that’s the wrong hole… I hear that’s a good lie.

Unfortunately, I’m incredibly competitive with myself, and I didn’t beat my best score.  Though we had a fantastic time, nonetheless!


I have one, primary meal to share with you guys, which originally came from the farmers market (since I’m obviously obsessed with every piece of Green City Market in Chicago!)

farmers market

Smoothie: Sweet cheery and melon.  Random mix, but both local and in season.  The sweet taste of the cherry is definitely neutralized by the melon, but it’s still noticeable.  Great mix and not much has to be added to make it a fantastic start to the day.

Crepe: Using a lighter outer layer, we mixed green peppers, sausage, jalapeno, light gouda, and pear, and we topped it with salsa.  Obviously, you guys all know I have a sweet tooth.  This is an tasty, health-filled way to get that light sweet kick, while still spicing up the start of the day.

Hot Sauce: Because why wouldn’t we buy local hot sauce that is unreal?! (Discovered via sample tasting.  I’ll let you know more once used in a meal.)


Beyond playing golf today, we flew to Ann Arbor yesterday for the Miami University versus University of Michigan game.

MU UM game

Ray and I went to Miami University, as did much of my family and a majority of my core group of friends.  However, this time we found ourselves surrounded by Michigan fans.

While we were tied for a bit of the game…

tie game

…we, sadly did not win.  Overall, though, we were very glad that we made the trip and had a fantastic time!


True life: I reeeeeally like fro yo.  That’s a lie.  This is love.  (Sorry, Ray!)  So, imagine my surprise when Ray finds me in this spot when writing my post this past Thursday…

Ben & Jerry's fro yo flavor that happens to be cookie dough related

Ben & Jerry’s fro yo flavor that happens to be cookie dough related

So… here’s what I can promise:

I vow to not hide when I eat sweets just because I have a craving.  If I’m sharing a meal that I think you’ll be interested in, I will share all pieces of the meal.

Having sweets is nothing to hide.  Just don’t go overboard.  Nothing should overwhelm your life. Your life becomes better the more you are willing to open yourself up to the amazing experiences available.  Have fun. Take chances. Eat (some of the) fro yo.


Is there anything that you’re trying to hide from the “public”?  Why?  What is there in your life that you have to be more willing to admit to become more true to yourself?

UM MU sunset

I hope that you all enjoy tonight’s sunset and the start of another, beautiful week!

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