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New Product Trial: Deneve Riverrock Essential Oil Diffuser


Sometimes you just need to relax. Or get a bit more energy.  Or to just center yourself and focus in general.  For these types of purposes, I’m a huge believer in the ability to be influenced by scent.  Yes, of course the primary aspects that sway your life are going to be healthy eating, working on your fitness, and getting enough sleep, but it’s amazing how much your senses can impact your outlook on life!

For my birthday, I was lucky enough to receive this Riverrock diffuser from Ray’s side of the family, and we’ve been using it nonstop ever since!  When combining less than a cup of water, and some essential oils, this has given off a light scent that has helped our home to relax in the evenings (lavender or eucalyptus scents), or to amp up our days in the mornings (typically between orange or more of a minty essential oil).  I’ve also been known to use this frequently while I’m working from home on Fridays to strengthen my focus (I’m a fan of cedar wood or a light eucalyptus for this purpose.)

While I love having this in our home, the one recommendation I would have is to avoid using it while you’re sleeping.  While it can be relaxing while you’re getting ready for bed, the green stripe is actually a LED light that changes color.  As I mentioned, I’m a big person for paying attention to your senses, and a LED can absolutely impact you getting to sleep and getting through your REM cycle.  Due to this, I’d recommend either having it outside of your bedroom or using it just prior to going to sleep to relax.

Hope you enjoy!


Have you ever used essential oils for one purpose or another?  Do you have any specific products that you’d recommend that I check out in the near future?

Create a great life!

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