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Bridal Shower Recap

My Bridal Shower was hosted on April 16th at the beautiful Medinah Country Club (where I was essentially raised) just outside of Chicago city limits.  Hosted by my mother, Ray’s mother, and a large group of our friends and family, it was a beyond spectacular day.

At all of our wedding events, I have felt incredibly humbled by the number of people that have come out to celebrate by our sides.  I continue to feel surrounded by so much love throughout this happy time – if this is any hint as to how our marriage is going to be, then it will be filled with lots of happy tears.


The tables were decorated beautifully using ivory and lilac, which we’ll be using as an accent color for the wedding.  The Pavilion at Medinah was a perfect location for our buffet brunch and mimosa bar.  Complete with uplighting and my signature Semi-Sweet Tooth cupcakes, I could not have dreamed up an event that was more me.  They even included individual prosecco bottles called “Te Amo” (meaning “I Love You” in Italian – pictured in the featured image.)  The entire event was absolutely perfect.



While the setting was wonderful, the people that visited from near and far meant even more to me.  The hosts kept the invite list to around 40 people, primarily family and close family friends.  With only around three hours to celebrate, I definitely was not able to speak to everyone for as long as I would have liked to – but I’ve realized that’s relatively consistent across all of our wedding events.


Both of my maids of honor (Brittany on the left , Ashley on the right) came in town from out of state.  Ashley even came in on the day before her birthday!

We decided against playing any games (I had mentioned that was my preference, Bridal Shower-wise), and we opted for a fun game guessing wedding traditions.  No prizes or anything, but just interesting facts that the guests could fill out if it was of interest.  We also handed out interesting facts on produce for when everything is in season in Illinois.  (The Healthy Lifestyle blogger-ness came out there, eh?)

I decided, somewhat last minute, to wear a BHDLN dress, Jimmy Choo shoes, and a flower crown that my mother got for me from Icing (I got my choice from several.)  I loved the lace detail, and the dress actually reminded me of my mother’s wedding dress.  Somewhat of a sentimental bridal pick, and it worked out perfectly.


Not kidding, I could not stop laughing/smiling.

My GOODNESS, Ray and I are spoiled with the gifts we received!  Our kitchen is well stocked (the primary area of our home we registered for), and our registries are significantly depleted!  (If you’re reading this and are one of our guests, THANK YOU!  I cannot wait to host you all for our next house party!)


I’ve decided that happy crying is a genetic trait, and this showed at both our Engagement Party and Bridal Shower.  My mom (pictured above – don’t you love her dress?!) and I can even cry at commercials.  But let’s be honest… those Tide “Thank You, Mom” commercials are an emotional experience.

I decided to take a picture with each table, in favor of taking a big group picture (because it was my original, incredibly frowned upon, idea), which I’ve included below.  But before I do that, I want to send an extra special thank you to a special guest of honor for being there…


Ray just showed up after golf to grab a quick beverage, say hello, and carry the gifts, post a round of golf.  No boys allowed.

My grandmother is someone that is incredibly special to me.  She is the kindest, most adventurous, most loving soul I ever have or ever will meet.  She won’t be able to attend our wedding, for understandable reasons (we picked the mountains because it’s where both Ray and I feel most at peace and closest to the Big Man upstairs,)  This was our primary opportunity to celebrate alongside this beautiful woman, and she deserves an extra CHAMPAGNE CHEERS in her direction.  (LOVE you, Grandma!)

And now to our table pictures…


Ray’s mother is in the pink, striped dress and this table was primarily Ray’s side of the family and our family friends.


A gorgeous gaggle of my high school friends and a friends from beyond that timeframe (Including Kate, whom you might recognize from her stunning wedding last year.)


Several family members from my side of the clan.  And my friend from college/Cincinnati, Francia, who is essentially a family member at this point.


Several of my mother’s friends, including several hosts.  THANK YOU!


Primarily friends from Chicago, but kind of a variety pack.  All wonderful!  (As a side-note, I lived with the two girls on either side of me –sisters- in Cincinnati, and the one in pink actually started me on blogging with her everyday commitment to reading Peanut Butter Fingers.  Who knew it would end up being a life changer. 🙂 )

The rest of the weekend was filled with two birthday celebrations and a trip back home to Colorado.  I cannot say THANK YOU enough to the planners, guests, and well-wishers (including you guys on the blog and Instagram!) across the entire weekend.


Create a great life!

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