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Sunday Confessions: What’s “Hand/Eye Coordinsion?”


The past two days have been focused around skiing in Breckenridge.  It was a beautiful couple of days, and we were lucky enough to be able to stay with an old friend working for the US Ski & Snowboard Association when he was in town for an event at Copper Mountain.  All in all, we had a great time, and definitely had a great workout.

My old college neighbor, Steve, that let us stay with him at the base of Copper

My old college neighbor, Steve, that let us stay with him at the base of Copper

Making our way into Breckenridge

Making our way into Breckenridge

A wonderful day for après-ski

A wonderful day for après-ski

Ray and I were also strangely surrounded by dogs all weekend.  This, to us, is a great thing.  Though, so be fair, the dogs were in kind of strange situations.

In Breckenridge, we were surrounded by Bernese Mountain Dogs (my favorite breed), because they have a Bernese parade to bring Santa into town (in a fire truck) to start the holiday season.  Makes sense, doesn’t it?


The second dog situation we encountered was earlier today when we were pulling out of Copper.  As we were pulling out of the parking lot, I saw a dog on the roof next door.  After trying to get the job to jump down from the roof, Ray and I found that the pup also had his tennis ball on the roof.  It seems as though his ball must have gone off the balcony next door and he jumped over to try to get it.  After he wouldn’t jump down, and knocking on the owner’s door to no answer, we stayed until the fire department arrived to take care of the situation.



I grew up ice-skating and dancing.  So I’ve realized that my strengths surround keeping a rhythm and being able to watch hours upon hours of figure skating on television without being bored 80% of the time.

However, this has also helped me to understand my weaknesses.  Most prominently, these “areas of opportunity” are jump lunges (seriously, can anybody do these accurately?!) and any activity involving hand/eye coordination.  Basketball?  Fat chance.  Tennis?  Take that lack of hand/eye and add in an extended limb.  Beer pong?  Depends on the skill level of my partner.

Does anyone have any tips to build this up?  My Adult Intramural career is resting on your shoulders.


What skill will you be focusing on the week?

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