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Curing MS. It’s the #BreakYouMake.

Neuroscience.  It’s a big word that has so many meanings and means the world to a select group of individuals committed enough to explore the topic further.  According to Webster, “neuroscience” means, “the scientific study of nerves and especially how nerves affect learning and behavior.”  However, when I think of neuroscience, I think of my dear friend Haley.

1620805_10101517225794218_1591869278_n Haley is the one in the middle – first word to come to mind has to be “scholar.”  It’s the party-cardigan.

When Chobani Flips asked us about who in our lives needs to take a break, Haley instantly came to mind.  Though I have to be honest when I say that I’m fairly certain she doesn’t know how to take a break!  For a little background, let’s start with the fact that I met her at Miami University my freshman year in an 8am Theater class when she was an… upper classman!  What was she doing in an 8am class?  I still don’t know.  Afterwards, she almost instantly convinced me to join choir due to her hilarious personality.  She’s one of those people that has an infectious personality – you just want to hang out with her all the time!  But now let’s jump to what she’s conquering today.

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Haley’s wonderful mother was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) 35 years ago and currently has secondary progressive MS.  In 2005, the year that I met Haley, she finally made it her vision to cure MS.  Yes, she already was receiving a minor in neuroscience, but this is where her path became set.  After graduating from Miami University, she set her sights on her next step – achieving a Master’s in Science from Wright State University while performing research on the “extent of reformation of inhibitory synapses on injured/regenerating neurons and alteration of their properties.”  What?!  My thoughts exactly.  Afterwards she went on to the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center for further years of research.  (For those out there that are still curious, she worked on a project that studies, “the disruption of white matter tracts in the central nervous system in gain function rasopathies.”)    I say all this because I want to highlight how proud I am to be friends with someone that is working incredibly hard to achieve her vision.  As long as you are truthfully committed to something and set your sights high… You can achieve.

This incredibly intellectual individual is now moving on to Northwestern School of Medicine in Chicago as a post-doctoral fellow where she can say that she is working in one of the only labs in the nation that has real promise to STOP MS in its tracks to make sure that it doesn’t continue to progress.  But she continues to focus on her next steps, where she hopes to hold a faculty position where she can lead a lab and truly focus on curing MS.


When I think of who needs a #BreakYouMake, I think of all you lifesavers out there.  Whether you’re like Haley, working to cure her mother and all those impacted by MS, or maybe you’re a mother of 2.5 children with a picket fence.  Remember that you are a lifesaver and YOU make a difference.  Take a second to enjoy a Chobani Flip and appreciate all the goodness you’ve brought to the world.  If anyone deserves a break, it’s you.  Thank you for making the world a better place.


Who instantly comes to mind when you think of who needs a break?  Share their story in the comments section below!  Also, please join the conversation with Chobani and I at Break You Make.  Can’t wait to see who you nominate!

Create a great life!

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