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Tour of the New Semi-Sweet Tooth

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the brand spankin’ new Semi-Sweet Tooth!  Changing web-hosts was an ordeal that I would be more than happy to discuss if it’s of interest, but after several days, we’re back in action!

As we’re going to be spending a lot of time together, I wanted to give you a little tour of the new areas of this site.  I’m incredibly excited about the customized theme we’ve created and very much believe that it’s going to create a user-friendly experience that is really designed for growth.  I’d love to hear what you guys think in the comments section below!


Features of the New SST

  • Search Bar – You are now able to search the complete blog from the top left corner of the blog.  Easy-peasy!
  • Home – Right now, the home button also includes a drop down for my “About” page.  I’m thinking that I might add on some fun pages in the future, such as who the characters are that I talk about regularly or a page talking about where my work is published.  This piece will primarily be for new members of the SST community to learn what’s going on around this spot.
  • Workouts – A collection of all workouts that I’ve created across my SST career.  I’ll slowly be dividing these out a bit into categories (lower body, upper body, etc), but that is still to come in the future.
  • Fashion – This is where I’m putting all of the fun ensembles we’ve been putting on the site.  I’ve also included Beauty and the Weekly Ensembles series we had going for a little while.  Plus, a Look Book has been requested multiple times and I’m already in the middle of creating one that I know y’all will love.  You guys, we have some AMAZING looks and options coming up.  I’m so excited to hear what you guys think!
  • Recipes – Similar to the workouts page, this one is under construction.  While all recipes are available for you in this section, I’ll be dividing them out by breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizers, and desserts.  Yummin!
  • Travel – This is filled with all of the fun travel tips that have made their way across these pages in the past 2+ years.  Some are location specific and some are general tips, but all are filled with some of my most memorable experiences!
  • Wedding – Fairly user-friendly… we’re getting married in July and these are all the tips and tricks we’ve learned along the way!
  • Knowledge – …has become kind of a catch-all section.  The “All Knowledge” piece is filled with general pieces of interest, but the drop down includes all of the blogging tips I have available.  Always happy to add on to this section where it’s of interest.
  • Contact Me – We now have both the option for general email, as well as a form that will be sent directly to my phone.  Whatever sounds best for you works for me!


The last piece I want to point out is on the very bottom of the page, because this is something entirely different from my past site.

  • Subscribe Bar – As I mentioned in my post last week, our SST newsletter is going to be incredibly different than my past site.  Rather than receiving an email everyday, you’ll be receiving an email ONCE per week!  (Applause, thank you, thank you…)  But here’s the thing, you need to subcribe, or re-subscribe if you were previously, in order to stay up to data with all of the fun we’ve got going on around here!
  • Instagram Bar – Besides this blog, Instagram is where the SST party is at!  Be sure to check there and follow @SemiSweetTooth on Insta’ for fun behind-the-scenes pictures and advanced warning about what’s up and coming in the world of blogging.


Now I’d love to hear from you guys, what kinds of things do y’all want to hear about moving forward with Semi-Sweet Tooth?  More fashion?  More workouts?  More Man Mondays?  Toss me your ideas!

Create a great life!

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