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#TBT: Old Friends, New Birthdays


Rest Day… Remember that those are important, too!  My usual rest day is Sunday, but I know I’ll be working out.  So Thursday it is!! 🙂

#TBT: Old Friends from Ice-Skating, New Birthdays!

2015_2 19 (1)

As y’all know, I love me some Throwback Thursday!  This week’s picture comes from back in my hey-day when I used to ice-skate.  Beyond regular figure skating, I also did a sport called Synchronized Skating – it’s basically synchronized swimming on ice.

My team in this picture was selected to represent the US in the World Cup in Rouen, France!  Needless to say, it was an amazing experience.  We explored Paris & Rouen, became pen-pals with the South African team, and all fell in love with travelling.  An absolute blessing that continues to live with me to this day.

What makes this picture so relevant is that I’ll be celebrating my birthday this week with one of the girls in this picture!  We haven’t seen each other for years, but we’ve stayed in contact.  What better time to re-connect than over your birthday weekend during a ski trip!?

By the way, in case you didn’t spot me… I’m the 14 year old finishing up my awkward phase.  Second from the left in the front row. 🙂


Have you ever re-connected with old friends?  What moments might you be able to re-live this week?

Create a great life!

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